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Foreword by Bob Proctor



Business has changed. We communicate faster. The way we interact has shifted.  The speed of life has increased. Today’s environment is extremely unpredictable and requires a dramatically different approach to realize your objectives. Distractions are abundant and reduce effectiveness. You want to get ahead, achieve your goals, and ensure your success.

Time is at a premium and your results are 100% dependant upon your Speed of Implementation™. When entrepreneurs and high achievers want results in less time, they turn to Shawn Shewchuk and the Change Your Results! team. Change is a constant. You, your business, and your team need to be the leaders in your industry or profession. 

With the right partner, you’ll collapse time frames, avoid obstacles and surpass your goals. Imagine where you will be this time next year with more clarity, accountability and the #1 Results Coach in the Country.

Achieve at the speed of life. You are ready! Your time is now!

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